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Fernanda Enríquez

Associate Counsellor (she/her/hers)

Areas of Focus



Stress Management


Personal Growth and Development

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



Life’s transitions

Victims of Violence

Gender Violence

Neuro diversity ie: ADHD

Various types of Phobia

Attempted Suicide



Trauma Informed

Client centred

Narrative Therapy

Strength based


Queer Affirming


Feminist Inquiry





Fer has a master’s in counselling psychology from Adler University and a master’s degree in psychological counselling from Mexico. In this country, she had the experience of working in community settings with underserved populations. It allowed her to understand the importance of supporting clients’ growth, so she creates a gentle, safe, and non-judgmental space that empowers clients to find within themselves the resources they need to heal and grow.

Fer uses a narrative approach, a Feminist lens, and a collaborative and trauma-informed framework for her therapeutic work. People are the stories they tell about and to themselves; humans can always write new ones that reflect their authentic selves and give them space to grow and heal. For this purpose, Fer integrates different interventions from narrative therapy and other approaches, such as CBT and Mindfulness.


Recognizing intersectionality and the client’s multiple identities is an essential aspect of Fer’s work. The therapist’s and client’s identities interact and shape the therapeutic process. Fer identifies as a Latinx and Mexican cisgender woman, a migrant, and a bilingual counsellor in English and Spanish. Fer has experience working with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, life transitions and stressful life
experiences, such as racism or gender-related violence, and difficulties with interpersonal relationships.

Fer also focuses on working with neurodiversity, such as ADHD, and offers a Queer welcoming space in therapy. Therapy is an act of love and courage, and a journey Fer is honoured to walk alongside her clients.

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