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A skydiver as they free fall through the sky. The skydiver has their arms outstretched and their legs behind them. The skydiver has their full face visible and has blue sunglasses on. The skydiver has an orange backpack. The skydiver has orange hair and orange shoes. The skydiver has a dark jumpsuit on


This is a profile image for Alishia Ladak

Alishia Vahanvaty

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Co-Founder




Devisha Nadan

Registered Clinical Counsellor 

Can offer services in English + Fijian Hindi




Fatima Ghumra

Registered Clinical Counsellor 



This is a profile picture of Fernanda Enríquez.

Fernanda Enríquez

Registered Clinical Counsellor



This picture is a profile picture of Husain Vahanvaty.

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Co-Founder



Systems Lens


Leila Moradi

Registered Clinical Counsellor


Can offer services in: Persian, Kurdish, and Farsi Dari + English


Client Centered  |  Creative  |  Honest and Genuine  |  Holistic and Collaborative

Client Centered

We believe our clients possess the innate wisdom and expertise to support their own healing journey. Our counsellors meet clients where they are at and help them achieve the goals they set out for themselves. You tell us where you want to go and we will help you get there.

This is a picture of a brown skinned woman with brown hair who is standing. She is wearing a green jacket, brown pants, white t-shirt with glasses. She is holding a grey laptop and looking into the laptop. There is a thought bubble coming directly from the laptop. In the thought bubble there is another picture of two women hugging each other.
A pair of black hands holding a lightbulb. The lightbulb is in the centre of the two hands.


We are out of the box thinkers and use innovative and creative thinking strategies to help clients reach their goals. We believe every problem has its own unique solution and this type of problem solving (in collaboration with our clients) is what we do best!

Honest and Genuine

We know the importance of building safe, honest and trustful relationships with our clients. We don’t want you to be anyone other than yourself and you can expect the same from us. Our counselling process is open, genuine and transparent.

A person of colour therapist sits on a couch and is looking at a client who is laying on a couch. The therapist is holding a clipboard. The person of colour client is talking outload and using his hands to emphasize his point.
3 person of colour women each hold each other hands. The women on the left has an orange dress on. The women in the middle has a white dress on. The women on the right is wearing an orange skirt and black top.

Holistic and Collaborative

We believe that mind, body, spirit and community all intersect together and work best as one team. No individual part is successful by itself and finding the right balance requires implementing both individual and community based approaches. We consider the whole you, not just parts of you.

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