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Profile picture of Manpreet Aujlay

Manpreet Aujlay


English and Punjabi

Gottman Level 1

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Areas of Focus



Personal Growth & Development

Boundaries & Relationships



Life transitions

Fertility Issues

Autism Spectrum

Parent-Child Relationship issues

Selective Mutism

Victims of Violence

Self-injurous behaviour

PTSD Trauma


Stress Management

Attempted Suicide


Trauma Informed

Client centred

Strength based


Mindfulness Informed







I acknowledge and celebrate that you bring a rich tapestry of influences, experiences, and perspectives to the therapeutic process. Using an integrative, humanistic, and strength-based approach, I tailor a therapeutic approach that centers you as an individual and your unique mental health needs while also understanding the roles of your relationships and environments. 


As a second-generation Punjabi-Canadian woman who’s existed in different spaces, I understand the push and pull we may often feel when it comes to our identity and concerns. Working through a culturally sensitive and anti-oppressive lens, I work to help you feel aligned to your personal values, needs, expectations, and goals. I want you to feel seen, heard, and equipped with tools and understanding so that you can live a healthier life - whatever that may mean for you. 


My practice is trauma-informed and draws from a range of therapeutic modalities to provide comprehensive support. I specialize in mindfulness and somatic based therapy which fosters present-moment awareness and facilitates groundedness, which helps individuals effectively manage stress and emotions while promoting holistic well-being. Additionally, I integrate relational therapy, narrative therapy, and trauma-informed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which offers valuable tools for processing past experiences, identifying patterns that may be impacting you, exploring relational dynamics and personal narratives, and addressing trauma in a safe and compassionate environment. 


I aim to create a strength based space where you feel empowered to explore your experiences so you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others, to work towards healing.

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